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A message from DELF's chair

Welcome to DELF.  We are a vibrant and busy organisation with educational and social events throughout the year. Our flagship social event is the annual black-tie dinner held every spring, and we host a full-day conference in early autumn. We are indebted to the work and help of the Committee and our Administrator, Harriet Devey. We always welcome feedback on DELF events or ideas about what DELF can do for you.  The success of our liaison relationships with the Chief Magistrate and the Administrative Court Office depends on us being made aware of any issues, or suggested areas of improvement. Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions or information to [email protected].

The members’ area contains the first-ever searchable collection of judgments from Westminster Magistrates’ Court. In order to help grow the collection, please do send us any Part 2 judgments, or judgments on lead issues in Part 1.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member and hope to see you soon at our next event.

Danielle Reece-Greenhalgh


The DELF Membership Categories are as follows:

Full Membership – £50 per annum

Full membership is open (subject to approval by the Committee) to any Solicitor, Barrister or member of the Institute of Legal Executives practising in the field of extradition and legal academic staff, whose practice includes representing requested persons in extradition cases. Full membership is also open to lawyers practicing outside of England and Wales whose practice includes representing requested persons in extradition cases.

Associate membership – £25 per annum

Associate membership is open to trainees, paralegals and pupil barristers.

Correspondent membership – £15 per annum

Correspondent membership is open to court staff and other lawyers practicing in the field of extradition.