Meeting with the Chief Magistrate

In January 2016 the Chief Magistrate issued an ‘explanatory note on directions’ for extradition proceedings in Westminster Magistrates’ Court and in so doing invited consultation from practitioners.

One of the first actions of the DELF Committee was to send a letter on behalf of the committee to the Chief Magistrate indicating an intention to provide a response to those directions.

This led to a meeting between with the Senior District Judge, Deputy Senior District Judge and District Judge Snow. Rebecca Niblock, Edward Grange and Myles Grandison represented DELF. Matters discussed included the Court’s work load, blue forms, bundles, prison visits, legal aid difficulties and rates of pay when certificates of counsel had not been granted.

Following that meeting a letter was sent to the Chief Magistrates’ Office with DELF’s observations on the Explanatory Note on Directions. A response was received from the Chief Magistrate on the 2 August 2016.