DELF Seminar on Extradition Costs by Andrew Keogh

18 January 2017

Extradition Costs Toolkit:

Top tips for making claims 

Despite extradition being a specialist area of practice with few defence practitioners dealing with this work, the LAA repeatedly fails to recognise the skill and expertise and sheer volume of work involved in defending an extradition warrant.  This course provided a practical guide to defence practitioners when making their claims for costs to ensure that we are adequately paid for the work that we do in this complex and demanding area of law.

At this course hosted by Doughty Street Chambers, Andrew Keogh explored and provided guidance on:

  • The politics behind extradition funding and the limitations we work within;
  • Applying for Certificates for counsel; Applying for Prior Authority for experts;
  • Applying for enhancements and understanding the Backhouse principle and Broudie;
  • Special preparation and how this can be claimed;
  • How to draft attendance notes to maximise prospects of payment in full;
  • IDA decisions, Costs Judge rulings  and LAA points of principle; where to find them and how to utilise them to advantage.