About us

At the instigation of Rebecca Niblock and Edward Grange, the Defence Extradition Lawyers’ Forum was established in June 2016 when Ed and Rebecca were joined by a group of  lawyers specialising in defending requested persons against extradition requests and European Arrest Warrants. DELF was created out of a desire to provide a coherent and unified voice to represent the interests of requested persons and of the lawyers that defend them.

Amongst other issues, we aim to respond to any consultations initiated by, but not limited to, the Government of the United Kingdom, the Administrative Court, and the Chief Magistrate’s Office, that could have an effect on the practice of extradition litigation, as well as lend our support to those bodies, by identifying any issues that may arise, looking forward and working with them to create best working practices for all involved in this ever growing and changing area of legal practice.

Founding firms
and chambers:

•    36 Bedford Row
•    5 St Andrews Hill
•    6KBW College Hill
•    Corker Binning
•    Dalton Holmes Gray
•    Doughty Street
•    Kingsley Napley 
•    Lawrence & Co
•    Kaim Todner
•    Lansbury Worthington
•    Bindmans
•    Matrix Chambers
•    3 Raymond Buildings
•    Furnival Chambers
•    9-12 Bell Yard
•    Drystone Chambers
•    Sonn Macmillan Walker