Urgent meeting for all DELF Members to discuss the Russian Federation’s Invasion of Ukraine – 2 March 2022 – 8:30am

Please join us at 8:30am on Wednesday 2 March 2022, for a breakfast Zoom meeting to discuss the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and how DELF should respond. We will look to discuss what, if anything, DELF should be doing to support practitioners in the Ukraine, whether DELF should be involved in any representations to the Government concerning extradition arrangements with Russia and Belarus and any other ideas members might have as to the steps DELF can and should take. 
For your information, please see the ECBA’s statement that it has released and its e-mail to its members.
All views will be welcome and Chatham House Rules will apply.
Please RSVP to admin@delf.org.uk and you will be sent the link.